Beneath a Tree

Beneath A Tree – Baroque To Folk was founded on the mutual love of historical performance. Collaborations with like-minded intrepid musicians explore the interrelationships found between composed and traditional folk music from the baroque period and its continued relevance, creating a curious and exciting fusion that appeals to varied audiences. It is through a natural […]

Black Cedar

As a rare ensemble dedicated to music for flute, cello, and guitar, Black Cedar creates, discovers, and re-imagines works for this combination for the widest range of audiences possible.


AGAVE is “an energized, free-spirited group” (Early Music America Magazine, Fall 2014), based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and specializing in string chamber music of the seventeenth century. Agave has received numerous awards and accolades and gained local and national attention for its “rapturous music,” “brilliant… profound playing” (EMA Magazine), and growing discography. Now […]

Bertamo Trio

Bertram Trio is a California-based Baroque chamber ensemble.

Farallon Recorder Quartet

Farallon Recorder Quartet is a Bay Area-based early music group that brings the music of the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern Eras to today’s audiences with professional polish, verve, and precision. They employ a fascinating range of recorder sizes and period styles, ranging from 6 inches to 6 feet tall.

Galax Quartet

Four early string players together revive a unusual form of the string quartet from the 18th century, combining the classical repertoire with new music…  

Liaison Ensemble

Liaison is a dynamic and vibrant early-music ensemble based in San Francisco, California. In addition to playing in concert halls, Liaison hopes to bring historically-informed performances to a wider range of audiences in non-traditional venues while maintaining the highest musical standards.


MUSA is a chamber ensemble dedicated to historically informed performances of Baroque and Classical repertoire, as well as new music for period instruments.

Tibia Recorder Duo

Tibia Recorder Duo is Letitia Berlin and Frances Blaker. Tibia Duo’s mission is to nurture excellence on the recorder through teaching and performances. We present recorder workshops in the USA and in Europe, we are hired to teach at recorder workshops all over the USA, and we perform as a duo and with larger ensembles […]