Raffi Garabedian

Raffi Garabedian was born and raised in Berkeley, California, and was a member of the award-winning Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble. As a teenager, Raffi studied with Dayna Stephens and Dann Zinn. He went on to attend the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music from 2006-2010, where he received a Bachelors of Fine Arts […]

Kenya Moses Music

My artistic vision is to share the cultural elegance and beauty of Brazilian Bossa Nova and classical compositions with audiences, through live and multi-media performance. Donations will support the production and release of “Simplicidade.” This recording project will bring a refreshing, yet nostalgic interpretation of Brazilian Bossa Nova. bossaebossa.com Donate

Homenagem Brasileira

My mission is to share original interpretations of the diverse styles of jazz and folkloric music from Brazil, as well as to share my original compositions, collaborative compositions inspired by the music and culture of Brazil. My hope is that listeners will find joy, passion and inspiration from this rich repertoire. cressmanmusic.com Donate

Brian Andres Music

As a professional Latin jazz musician, bandleader, composer and recording artist, I am looking to expand my audience and performance opportunities  beyond just the SF Bay Area, and to provide a platform for the musicians that I hire to share their composition, arranging and performance skills and collectively contribute to the American Art Form of […]

Albany Juneteenth, Inc

Celebrating the history, culture and contributions of people of the African Diaspora.  albanyjuneteenth.com Donate

Diaspora Sessions

Diaspora Sessions – an immersive Black art experience combining music, visual art, dance, food and other artistic disciplines. diasporasessions.com Donate

David James

David James is a San Francisco-born composer, guitarist, vocalist and bandleader who draws from his years of experience in hip-hop, film and theater scores, afrobeat, and more, bringing these influences to bear in his “ … thoughtfully composed, boundary-blurring new music.” (All About Jazz) heydavidjames.com Donate

Eric Harland – GSI Studios

Grammy award winning drummer Eric Harland, has established himself as one of the premier jazz musicians of our time. He’s collaborated with artists including John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Kevin Eubanks and Dispatch on over 300 recordings. Eric’s extensive resume includes founding his own production company, Eland Productions, and mentoring as an Artistic Director at SFJazz. […]

Obed Calvaire

My record will be titled 150 Gold Francs. That’s the amount that Haiti was forced to pay reparation to France after winning its independence. No other country in the history of the world has ever paid reparation for winning their freedom. My album will also attempt to paint a picture musically about Haiti’s struggle both […]