Brian Andres Music

As a professional Latin jazz musician, bandleader, composer and recording artist, I am looking to expand my audience and performance opportunities  beyond just the SF Bay Area, and to provide a platform for the musicians that I hire to share their composition, arranging and performance skills and collectively contribute to the American Art Form of […]

Eric Harland – GSI Studios

Grammy award winning drummer Eric Harland, has established himself as one of the premier jazz musicians of our time. He’s collaborated with artists including John Mayer, Mariah Carey, Kevin Eubanks and Dispatch on over 300 recordings. Eric’s extensive resume includes founding his own production company, Eland Productions, and mentoring as an Artistic Director at SFJazz. […]

Obed Calvaire

My record will be titled 150 Gold Francs. That’s the amount that Haiti was forced to pay reparation to France after winning its independence. No other country in the history of the world has ever paid reparation for winning their freedom. My album will also attempt to paint a picture musically about Haiti’s struggle both […]

Sam Reider

Sam Reider is a pianist, accordionist, composer, and educator from San Francisco, California. His work brings together various streams of American music, from jazz and folk tunes to popular song and contemporary composition. He has appeared as a bandleader and soloist at major festivals and venues around the world and his performances and original compositions […]

Kurt Erickson – Here, Bullet

HERE, BULLET is a musical short film, currently in pre-production, by Tony Nominated, award-winning director and actor Will Chase, and Bay Area, prize-winning composer Kurt Erickson. Based on Erickson’s critically acclaimed, award-winning song cycle of the same name, HERE, BULLET is a singular moment frozen in time, a 5-minute surreal snapshot of a man confronting […]

Paul Hanson, Bassoonist

Paul Hanson Photo

Paul Hanson’s mission is to take the bassoon and electric bassoon to places it rarely if ever goes-playing electric and acoustic jazz and jazz fusion, rock, funk, world music and contemporary classical music as an improvising bassoonist. donate

John Calloway and the Flute Odyssey

John Calloway is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger who has performed with many renowned jazz and Latin music artists throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, among them: Israel “Cachao” Lopez, Max Roach, Omar Sosa and Dizzy Gillespie. Donate

The Bow and the Brush

Created by violinist/composer Dan Flanagan, The Bow and the Brush integrates the visual arts with new music.​Dan commissions and composes new works of music inspired by paintings and sculptures in his personal collection. Donate

Cornelius Boots – Woodwind Primeval

After a 30-year career of high-caliber jazz, classical, rock and experimental music activities (on multiple woodwinds with a focus on the bass clarinet), Boots has now positioned himself at the crossroads of personal expression and divine revelation, exclusively playing bamboo shakuhachi (jinashi/hotchiku) and its baritone brother, Taimu. He is the founder of Black Earth Shakuhachi […]