The Secret Life of the Paramecium

Brett Carson‘s new surrealist song cycle The Secret Life of the Paramecium is an audiovisual voyage through a series of 22 microbiological vignettes based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot, melding a childlike fascination with the microscopic world and an abiding interest in the occult. Filtered through layers of musical and lyrical abstraction, the […]

Nathan Bickart’s ‘Gravity Sweet’ – Premiere

The Nathan Bickart Trio, featuring Owen Clapp (bass) and Michael Mitchell (drums), will present ‘Gravity Sweet,’ a brand-new four-part multimedia reflection on human relationship to land. The piece explores, in turn: land as a source of nourishment, land dispossession as a tool of oppression, land as ultimate resting place, and the Earth as a place […]