Jun 15 2024


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Sofar Sounds San Francisco Presents: Tonina, Taylor Rae & Farayi Malek on June 15

San Francisco, June 15th: Tonina, Taylor Rae, and Farayi Malek (Libraria Pino: 1501 Grant Ave, San Francisco).

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Sofar Sounds will be hosting its first-ever west coast tour, featuring stops in San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego. Sofar’s unique live experiences are places for artist discovery and community in non-traditional spaces (living rooms, art galleries, breweries, etc.) across 78 countries. More information can be found about the featured artists can be found below: 



Accomplished vocalist, bassist, and songwriter, Tonina is based in Los Angeles, but her musical journey began in St. Louis. Blending Black and Sicilian heritage, her upbringing fostered a deep connection to music, with her introduction to upright bass at just 8 years old. Tonina’s musical prowess flourished as she joined the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra at 14, followed by fruitful years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and Valencia, Spain. These experiences endowed her with an unparalleled musical scope; she traverses genres with ease while infusing each with her distinctive touch. Her innate sense of rhythm, captivating melodies, extraordinary vocal prowess, and profound song interpretation collectively create performances that are nothing short of thrilling. Tonina was recognized as one of NPR’s favorite new artists of 2018, and her rendition of “Historia de un Amor” found a place on former President Barack Obama’s top songs list for that year, further cementing her as an artist of remarkable distinction.


Taylor Rae:

One to watch in the Americana scene, dynamic singer-songwriter Taylor Rae enchants and connects with audiences through honest vocals, compelling songwriting, and endearing storytelling. The Santa Cruz, California native swiftly made her mark on the Americana music scene with her debut album, Mad Twenties, released in 2021. The record became a fixture on the Americana Radio charts (AMA/CDX) for 31 weeks, marking the longest duration for any independently released album in 2022. The single, “Home on the Road,” which embodies her “Soul & Roll” sound, remained in the Top 10 of the Americana Music Singles Chart for five consecutive weeks.


Farayi Malek: 

Farayi Malek has traveled the world as a Grammy-nominated vocalist with Danilo Perez and the Global Messengers; now she’s returning to her musical roots. The child of a Zimbabwean immigrant and a white American mother, Farayi grew up in a small, rural town in Southern Idaho, playing the fiddle and absorbing the culture of seemingly conflicting communities. Striving to bring the diverse sounds and experiences of her life into her music, she weaves the Gospel of her childhood church and the blues and jazz of her student years into pure, resonant songs that allow her effortless vocals to shine.

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