Circadian String Quartet

Bay Area based Circadian String Quartet was founded in 2013 to promote the classical and contemporary string quartet repertoire, in particular music of cultural and folkloric significance.

Astraeus String Quartet

Astraeus aims to bring exciting musical works of the past and present to a wide range of audiences in innovative spaces. Our focus is including audiences that might have never been to a classical music concert before. Concerts include a short discussion and Q&A with the audience on the works being presented!

Chamber Music Society of San Francisco

Founded in the spring of 2013, the Chamber Music Society of San Francisco was born out of a collective desire to perform the great chamber music repertoire. Dedicated to bringing these masterworks to diverse audiences, CMSSF is passionate about concertizing in intimate settings, creating close connections between performers and listeners, and cultivating a relationship between […]

Quartet San Francisco

Grammy nominees for their last three CD releases (2009, 2007, and 2006) and International Tango competition winners (New York, 2004), Quartet San Francisco expresses itself in its agility and standout virtuosic playing.

Real Vocal String Quartet

RVSQ’s surprisingly broad repertoire embraces the diverse influences of all four players, from classical, jazz, and rock, to songs and styles from West Africa, Brazil, and rural America. Yet while four distinct voices can be heard, in seven years of performing together, the Quartet has achieved a true group sound.

Telegraph Quartet

The Telegraph Quartet was formed in September 2013 with a commitment to a passionate approach to the standard chamber music repertoire as well as contemporary and non-standard repertoire, alike.

Alexander String Quartet

Having celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2011, the ALEXANDER STRING QUARTET has performed in the major music capitals of five continents, securing its standing among the world’s premiere ensembles. Widely admired for its interpretations of Beethoven, Mozart, and Shostakovich, the quartet’s recordings of the Beethoven cycle (twice), and the Bartók and Shostakovich cycles have all […]

Cello Street Quartet

The Cello Street Quartet, a unique gem of San Francsico, has become one of the most sought after groups in the Bay Area. Cello Street Quartet continues to bring mesmerizing and unforgettable performances to a range of high-end events with electrifying pop arrangements and heart-melting renditions of classical music.

Town Quartet

The Town Quartet was formed in Oakland at the end of the summer of ’11 by violinists Garret McLean and Corey Mike, Violist Jacob Hansen-Joseph, and cellist Lewis Patzner, with the goal of rehearsing and performing some of the masterpieces of the quartet literature; a feat all too rare for the local gigging musician. They […]

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