ECHO Chamber Orchestra

ECHO Chamber Orchestra provides an opportunity for musicians to contribute to programming through recommending repertoire, soloing and arranging music.  Unlike the typical top-down orchestral structure, ECHO is collaborative and offers a unique musical experience to players who are seeking more active involvement.   Having built an audience and a reputation over two seasons with professional […]

Jared Redmond, composer/pianist

Jared Redmond is a pianist-composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seoul. He writes for new music soloists and ensembles, and develops experimental works and new notation systems for Korean traditional performers. Jared has appeared as a piano soloist throughout North America, Europe, and Korea. His repertoire stretches from music of the 16th […]

Pamela Freund-Striplen / Cultural Crossroads: Dvořák in America

Cultural Crossroads is a live concert experience that explores the Black and Indigenous influences on Dvořák during his time in America. The program weaves original Native American melodies and uplifting African American Spirituals along with Dvořák’s most beloved chamber music. A multi-media narration sets the stage for a powerful musical story. Cultural Crossroads with its stellar cast of musicians is a catalyst […]

Nancy Zhou

Support violinist Nancy Zhou to commission composer, Vivian Fung, to write a piece for solo violin and electronics, as part of an overarching, interdisciplinary effort to explore the intersection of music, folk minority culture, and personal identity. Donate

Insight Chamber Music

Insight Chamber Players is a chamber music collective dedicated to bringing music to unique locations and guiding music-lovers through the passion of the art form. Our goal is to provide chamber music in the manner it was originally intended — in beautiful intimate spaces such as homes and salons that facilitate camaraderie around music. Our […]

La Sala Chamber Players

Our mission is to bring quality chamber music with varying instrumentation to small intimate living room settings.  In this post covid time, audiences are craving small, educational environments to hear live music.  We provide opportunities for orchestral musicians to perform with colleagues that they usually only see in on large stages.  La Sala Chamber Ensemble […]

Beneath a Tree

Beneath A Tree – Baroque To Folk was founded on the mutual love of historical performance. Collaborations with like-minded intrepid musicians explore the interrelationships found between composed and traditional folk music from the baroque period and its continued relevance, creating a curious and exciting fusion that appeals to varied audiences. It is through a natural […]

David James

David James is a San Francisco-born composer, guitarist, vocalist and bandleader who draws from his years of experience in hip-hop, film and theater scores, afrobeat, and more, bringing these influences to bear in his “ … thoughtfully composed, boundary-blurring new music.” (All About Jazz) Donate

Kurt Erickson – Here, Bullet

HERE, BULLET is a musical short film, currently in pre-production, by Tony Nominated, award-winning director and actor Will Chase, and Bay Area, prize-winning composer Kurt Erickson. Based on Erickson’s critically acclaimed, award-winning song cycle of the same name, HERE, BULLET is a singular moment frozen in time, a 5-minute surreal snapshot of a man confronting […]

Paul Schrage

American conductor and pianist Paul Schrage appears frequently throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and United States, leading orchestras, choruses and festivals from the podium as well as performing as a solo and chamber artist. He currently serves as Music Director of Symphonia Caritas, a professional orchestra that provides benefit concerts in partnership with other […]