Review Process + Selection Criteria

Panel Composition

An independent panel of four Bay Area-based artists , of diverse cultural backgrounds and areas of musical expertise , will review the applications. Their identities will remain anonymous. The decisions of the panel are final. Below are some of the criteria the panelists will use to evaluate your project.

Mission / Artist Statement

  • Does the applicant share core motivational elements that drive their artistic activities?
  • Does the applicant share how their artistic contributions address the needs of our local community?

Artistic History / Excellence

  • Does the applicant demonstrate a compelling history of significant musical activity (e.g., performances, commissions, major collaborations, career highlights, formal recognition or awards, festival appearances, concert presentation of past and/or upcoming programming, organizational programming, etc.)?
  • Does the project fall within the applicants demonstrated area of expertise? 
  • Does the applicant show strong capacity for successful completion of the project as outlined?

Project Description

  • Is the purpose or intention of the project clearly expressed?
  • Is the project plan detailed and within reasonable capacity?
  • Is the project aligned with the stated mission and/or vision of the applicant?

Production Timeline

  • Is the project timeline detailed and within reasonable capacity?

Publicity + Promotion

  • Does the applicant provide a detailed promotional plan and/or schedule?
  • Does the promotional plan support successful project completion?
  • Do publicity efforts demonstrate the ability to reach the intended audience(s)?
  • Does the applicant provide success metrics or share history of successful publicity campaigns?

Budget + Financial Information

  • Is the project budget detailed?
  • Do projected expenses align with the project proposal provided? 
  • Does the budget demonstrate sufficient secured and pending financial resources to successfully complete the project?

Applicants who have received MGP funding in the past should articulate how the current project proposal differs or is similar from previously awarded projects.

Panelist Feedback

If you would like more information regarding the 2024 MGP cycle panel results, please email [email protected].


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